Gen 3 Multi-Platform 9 -1 5-.3 0 8- Jig

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The only jig known to fit every known A R-1 5,  A R- 9, A R-45, and DPMS Gen 1 .308 l o w e r 

Converts between A R-1 5 and .3 0 8 in seconds

No adapter pieces are required to convert, adjustment is fast and easy. 

Self centering mechanism ensures perfection even with exotic billet lower designs

Tested to work with over 23 of the most common handheld routers

Completely compatible with full size routers (adapter required).



Less drilling, drill only 1 hole prior to milling

World’s fastest jig, can complete an 8 0% l o w er  in under 30 minutes

Jig requires no disassembly of side walls to insert or remove 8 0% lo w e rs

8 0% lo w e rs can be inserted or removed in under 10 seconds


Built-in measuring gauges. No measuring tools needed

No drill press needed, only a hand drill and handheld router 

Included Shop Vac Attachment means less mess!


End mill never makes contact with jig, no wear surfaces

End mill supported by premium quality bearing with extended service life

Drill block made with hardened steel

Hardened steel bushings in the sidewalls for durability

check list of compatibles routers.


Note: Router, tool kit, and 8 0 % l o w e r not included. Gen 3 Speedmill™ is required to use this jig which you can order here:


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